Seder Evening at Bar-Shalom's
Haggai & Junior Me and my son
Pazita acting A Pazita
Junior and Mama-Merhavia Ori-le
La Santa Familia All four of us
Haggai Junior Serious, for a change

Brith of Or-Joseph, born Nov. 24, 2000
Before Brith 1 A picture before Brith - Nice, Eh ?!
Before Brith 2 He still doesn't know what's waiting for him...
Brith Happy GrandMa Dorita !
Brith Happy Daddy Haggai !
Brith He's bald ! Like daddy!
Brith GrandPa Toyo SANDAK
Brith OUCH !! That hurts !
Brith Mommy !? Where are you ! I need you now !
Brith She-tzivanu al ha-Mila !!
Brith Sandak, father, Mohel (R. Kremer)
After Brith GrandMa Dorita and Inbar Zaken (focus..)
After Brith Mommy Merhavia ? where were you when I needed you ?! Eh ?!
Thanks to Dudu Zaken for the pictures !!
And other pictures:
Dan and Paz Dan Neiger and Paz in Scotland...
Red Poppies With GrandMa Miriam in the north
Red Poppies2 With GrandMa Miriam in the north2
Bi'ur Hametz Paz, Looking for bread
Or in the green fields Flutes Waddi
Or and Aba In the green fields
Paz blooming Paz and the Kidah
Nahal Halilim Paz, Merhavia and Lady
Paz, Tzur & Hila In Shavei Tzion
Almost everyone in the trek H'irbet Akudim
Elisheva and Merhavia Dans Les Mures de St. Jean d'Acre
Tzur and Paz Dans Les Mures de St. Jean d'Acre
Shuki The one and only Shuki