Some Pictures


Ein Almein Syrian Officers Pool Ein Almein, a beautiful spot
Dvora Waterfalls Dvora waterfalls in Gilabun Wadi
Ein DivshaEin Divsha or Tahunat-a-Darbashiya, an old Water Mill and spring on the road from Gadot to Gonen
Rajar The Alawi village of Rajar on the Hatzbani bank
Upper KzivWonderful view in Upper Kziv valley in the spring
Chateau Hunin Chateau-Neuf is a Crusader Fort, built to control and view the roads from the high mountains of the galilee to the upper jordan valley
Jordan River near Kfar Hanassi Part of the beautiful Jordan River, near Kfar Hanassi. This part is the most steep part of the river
Gush Halav A spring near the village of Gush-Halav, the town of Yochanan from Gush-Halav, the worriors in the big rebell against the Romans, and opponent to Shimon Bar-Giora
Kerem Maharal The beautiful castle in Kerem Maharal built in the late 19-th century
Kohav HaYarden An aereal view of Kohav HaYarden, a Crusader Fortress named BellVoir, translated to the arabic Caucab El-Hawa (The Winds Star)
Mount Tavor An aereal view of the monastery and Church on top of Tabor mountain


Mazor Mazor Mausoleum near El-Ad town, this is a late Roman mausoleum, used for burrial of an unknown rich man, later used as a muslim praying place. One of the most complete Roman buildings in Israel
Afek The Afek tower near Rosh Ha'ayin, view from the road
Shilo This is the place of the Mishkan, the tent in which resided the holy Arch - Aron Ha-Brit. According to the guided tour, the size of the terracee coincides with the Bible sizes of the Mishkan.


I'r David This is an aereal picture of the famous G-site in Silwan: You can see the large stair-like site on the center, and the City Gate area on the left
Beit-Tabor This is Conrad Schick House in Hanevi'im st. Conrad Schick built his house influenced by Israelite Altars found by him, and also inserted a copy of the Gezer inscription as one of the bricks (upside-down...) Today his house is a home to a Swedish Bible Research Society. Schick named his house after the impressive Tabor mountain, and wrote the name above the main entrance (which looks like an altar)
Migrash Harusim Home of the Nature Protection Society, and the Agriculture Bureau. This is the famous Russian Pilgrim Building, built by the Russian Prince Sergei on 1890.
Jerusalem Bells The Bells on King George St. are playing each hour a different song, one of the songs: Golden Jerusalem - Yerushalayim shel Zahav - made me cry like a little girl...
Ramat Rahel An Aereal view of a wonderful site near the Kibbutz, in which there are olive trees on high columns, as a enviromental statue
Beautiful House in Kattamon This is probably the most beautiful house in Kattamon. Located in Hizkyahu and Ha-Chish st. and cotains beautiful components of the traditional arab-christian architecture.
The Wooden Ceiling in Kattamon Probably the most elaborate ceiling in Kattamon, reworked in the recent years, represents legendary fauna and flora from the Greek Mithology

Judea Mountains

Ein Uzi Ein Uzi (Ghazi) Spring near Even-Sappir village
Wallage Spring (Ein-el-Balad) Ein-el-Balad is a spring near Ora and Aminadav villages. The former-refugees of this Wallage village, live peacefully in the new Wallage village, in the mountain across the valley.
Ein Hania Late Roman Spring in Sorek valley, near the road to Gush Etzyon, just beyond the Biblical Zoo, and infront of Ein-Lavan and Ein-el-Balad (Wallage). The spring is part of a big late roman khan on the road to Jerusalem, with more than three big water pools
Ein Kfira Spring between Nataf and Har-Adar village, on Kfira valley, north of the road to Nataf. On the north bank of the valley - an Israelite Fortress of Kattane
Nebi Samuel An aereal view of the Tomb of Samuel the Prophet, with the sorrounding excavations revealing the Israelite (Iron I+II) town, probably Geva-Binyamin
Neve Ilan: The JeepThe famous Jeep from 1948 War
Neve Ilan: The Main Building This is the main building of the village, used to be the cinema, gathering center, concert house, etc...
Neve Ilan: The Lovers Nest The home for lovers - for the first nights after marriage
Neve Ilan: KKL Sign For further details
Tzuba Ancient Rock Platform In this picture, a rock made spot to take the husk out of the wheat
Tzuba Ancient Game on the Rock Platform An ancient game to play with little stones, made on the rocky platform in Tzuba, northwest to the Crusader BellMont Fortress of Tzuba

Judea Desert

Mt. Sartaba Sartaba Fortress in called also Alexandrion, after Alexander Yanai, King of the Hashmonite Kingdom, around 90 B.C.
Nahal Arugot
Metzad Zohar A Roman-Bizantine fortress, protecting the "Limes Palestina" - the border fortress of the romans in Judaea and Edomea
Ein-el-FawarWater falling off the Aquaduct from Ein-Fawar spring to Jericho
Dir Hagla Monastery The monastery of Dir Hagla is located in the Jordan valley, and houses some beautiful wall paintings of St. Gerasimon, who lived in this place. The famous story about this monk is the lion he adopted after taking a spin of the lion's foot.

South - Negev & Arava

Tzin Mountain, Hor ha-HarThe famous mountain where, according to the legend, Aharon Ha-Cohen is burried. This mountain today is in middle of an enormous soil dig, which makes it almost impossible to get there. Lots of Bulbusim there...
Bulbusim, Tzin An example of a Bulbus.
Ein Yorke'am Ein Yorke'am is a beautiful spring, near ancient steps leading to the water.
Ein Mor, Ovdat The famous Ein Mor, the upper spring of Ovdat
Ein Akev The waterfall and the spring of Ein Akev, after the hottest day in the year, nevertheless - the water was freezing !!
Ein Hatzeva The most famous Sheizaf tree in Isreal - the tree is historical: Ben-Guryon was filmed here, on his way to Eilat.