Chateau Neuf (Hunin)

High above on the top of Hula Valley, there is a serie of mysterious places,
which used to be large cities in the ancient times.

Margaliot Chateau is one of these forgotten places.
The Chateau was built in the 12th century (Crusaders ...), as Castellum Novo
or Chateau Neuf, which means, of course - The New Castle.
The Chateau belonged to to the French family Unproie(?),
which lived usually at Tibnin palace: Tourron.
The family went bankrupt and sold it to the Hospitelar Order,
but they didn't enjoy it for long: the Muslems conquered the place, 
and it passed from hand to hand.

After the big battle at Karnei Hittin, this Chateau was not conquered,
and together with the Bofor (Bon-Fort) and Bell Voir (Caucab-El-Hawa - Cohav Hayarden),
they remained in the Crusaders hands for some years after.
It's name was also translatd to Hunin, on the name of the Shi'i village nearby.

How to get there:
1.	From Yesha Junction: drive 10km north, near Margaliot, 
	on the second entrance to the village.
2.	From Kfar Gila'di & Tel Hai: Climb to Margaliot.
	500m before the junction to Misgav-A'm, turn left to Margaliot.
	After 100m you will see Chateau Margaliot.
Chateau Neuf - Map
Chateau Neuf - Picture

Kedesh Naftaly

A large Roman temple, which is quite a mystery to all archeologists
and historians. We can count many famous personalities who passed here
through the ages: Barak Ben-Avino'am was born here, and this was a Levitic city for many ages.
Benjamin Mitoudella visited this place and Barak's tomb.
Thotimes III and Setai I from Egypt, Tiglat Pileser from Assiria, Judah Ha-Maccabi 
fought from here, and later it was a Roman base against Judah's attacks.

What is there to see ?
A Big Roman temple, with many altars for the God - Sun.
It seems that the temple served for pagans working the sun, among other gods.
There are corinthian and round columns and headers,
and a beautiful view of the surroundings.

How to get there:
	From Yesha junction drive west to road No. 899.
	Pass the two junctions - to Ramot Naftaly and to Yi'ftah,
	After 2 km, before the first curve, there is a small wood 
	to the right (north). The temple is to the north of the road!

Hike and enjoy,


You can look at the maps:
Kedesh Naftaly Map
Kedesh Naftaly View