Clocks in Jerusalem

Now is the time to go to Jerusalem. It's humidity by day is not as stincking as Tel Aviv, and it's cool air at night is a great relief after a hot day. Believe me, I breath it every day... Somethings you don't usually notice are the clocks.There are some interesting  clocks in Jerusalem, which I'll try to describe here.

** Talitakumi

This is really the most famous one, on Ha'mashbir square. On the last century, around 1860, bought the Germans-Protestants a big area in which they built a Missionary Girls School. The architect was the famous Conrad Scheick. The name was from the New Testament:

"...And he (Jesus) took her hand and said - Talita, get up ! (KUMI !)and the girl stood and walked..." (Marcus 5, 41-42)

On the year 1980 cruel men decided to destroy the building and built instead the Mashbir. The Clock was reconstructed from photographs in front of the new ugly building.

** Zohorei-Hama Synagogue

On 92 Jaffa St. near stincking Mahane-Yehudah market, stands a synagogue, built 1905-8 by a young American, Samuel Levi. He built a synagogue, Hotel, a poor people restaurant ( Beit-Tavshil), and Beit-Midrash.  On the upper front he fixed a Sun-Clock, and on the side - two more clocks, for the people's benefit. The lower floor is a synagogue till today. There is a good explanation on the door.

** Anglican School Clock

On Hanevi'im St., near Hadavidka Sq., stands these buildings, which used to serve as a Hospital, and later, after Hadassa was built, served as a School for the diplomat's kids. On the Tower there is a nice Clock.

** Igud Bank Clock

On Jaffa/Heleni-Hamalka stands a modern clock, kind of digital one. It was the first modern clock to be presented in Jerusalem. It shows the hour as well as the temperature !!! ** German Colony Clock On the German Colony, in the main street, beside fancy restaurants and pubs, stands a Highschool of the Templars. This Sect deserves another discussion, but for the time being: between Discount & the Armanian Church you will find this Clock, which seems not to work. Just to remind you - the templars were converted Nazis during the W.W.II !!

** Jerusalem's Big-Ben

On King George st. Near Jaffa junction there's a new office building. On it's external wall, there's a nice playing clock. Every day at 11:00 it plays another song. When I heard the song "Jerusalem of gold" I stood and cried - it's so beautiful !!!

** The Bell Garden

"Gan Hapa'amon" is a famous garden in Jerusalem, in front of Montifiori's Windmill. In the center of the garden there is an enormous bell, "The Freedom Bell",  a present from the United States to Jerusalem. There are also little bells for children to play. There's no clock in the garden...

Jerusalem's Big Ben