Ein A'lmein

On top of the Golan Hights, there is an amazing spring. It is a Syrian Officer's Pool. It's one of three pools of it's kind in the whole Golan. There's one in the Banias, one in the Gilabun, and there's this one.

It's size is not olympic, and it's deep is not frightening, there's no grass around, and no Coca-Cola machine to have a drink. There's only a freezing cold water pool, and it's great !!!

The trees around give a complete shadow, so you can't even get a little colored, but who's looking for sun in middle of the summer ?

You are welcomed to drink the tasty water (on your own responsibility...). But now seriously: there were some tests done on the Golan spring's water. There are some places where the water is dangerous not only to drink, but also to bath. One of these places is Hameshushim Pool. Nevertheless, there are some crazy people (like me), who don't care about researches and studies. We are willing to take a certain risk that on the same day the tests were done, someone pissed in the tubes...

I cannot impose my ideas on anyone (but my family...), but I can only say this is the best drink I've ever had...

How to get there:

  1. From the south: to the north of the Kineret turn in Beit-Tzaida junction, and drive about 10km to the north. There, when you'll see on your left side a barn, turn left. This road leads to the pool.

  2. From the north: On Gadot junction turn right, and cross the Jordan. On the upper Beit Hameches junction, turn right (south). After 2.5km turn right before the barn. This road leads to the pool.


See the map: Ein A'lmein Map

See the picture: Ein Almein View