Ein Mor

Ein Mor is one of the most famous springs in Israel. It's location and it's water made it ideal for animals, plants, and human beings to live near it.

Ein Mor is a large spring in the Negev, 3-5 km to the south of Sde-Boker. It' s located in the turn point of waddi Tzin, in a deep and impressive canyon.

If you come on irregular hours, like early in the morning or late at evening, you have a bigger chance to meet the more interesting creatures living around: a large herd of gazelles (tzvi), wolfs (ze'ev) and foxes (shu'al), big coyotes (tan), and hyenas (tzavo'a). There are lots of vultures and other meat-eating birds around, specially on the northern side of waddi Tzin. But the most amazing encounter can be a leopard (namer)!! If you happen to come early in the morning, you will surely see his footsteps near the waters of Ein-Mor, Ein-Ovdat or Ein-A'kev (upper or lower).

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