Water, Mosaics, Fortress and Walks in Gan-Hanadiv, Zichron Yaacov

In the south of the Carmel, near Zichron Yaacov, there is a known park,
a wonderful memorial to the Rothchild contributers to the Zionist movement
in the last century. Apart from Edmond de-Rothchild tumb, there is a special garden
for the blind, as well as a large green forest.

Several antiquity sites inside the park make it even more interesting
to walk in it, and add an archeological pan to the experience.
In the southern part of the forest, a large house has been found,
dated to the Mishna period, but named today Hirbet Aked.
From this spot, standing on the southern cliffs of the carmel,
you have a wonderful view of the valleys below.

Ein-Tzur is located to the east of the entrance to the gardens.
On the way there you will pass through a fortress dated to the
Roman period, possibly part of the northern line of fortification
conducted by Josephus Flavius.

Have a look at the picture of Inbar and Paz in the pool of Ein-Tzur:
Ein-Tzur: Ein-Tzur and amatour hikers

I found more maps and information (in Hebrew) at Yaacov Shkolnik's page:

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