Ein Notera (Ein-e-Tina)

This nice spring at the bottom of the Golan Heights, is one of many springs which stand in line along the road connecting Gadot to Gonen. It is a wonderful place to stay for a couple of days if you're looking for privacy and tranquility. It is of the few remaining places where you can wake up in the morning, jump out of the tent, directly into the water, swim, drink the breakfast tea from the water, and even look at the small fishes in the nice pool. It is also a lovely spot for having a siesta after a big asado in the forest nearby.

If you've got kids (or "Kotzim Ba-Tahat"), you can trace the spring's source till the big pool, on the middle of the mountain. This is a nice little walk, climbing in the water in the little cascades and waterfalls, jumping with the fishes and the friendly crubs...

The spring is called "Ein-e-Tina" because of the big fig tree on the pool. I don't know about the other name. If someone finds out - please tell me.

How to get there:

From Rosh Pina drive north about 3km, and take the first right turn to Gadot. Exactly  after Gadot, turn left. You're now on the road No. 918, which can lead you to many beautiful places. After 3 km. you will cross the first bridge, "Gesher Ha-Shin". After 6 more km. you will cross the second bridge (no officail name...). Just after the bridge, there's a small jeep road, to the south. Try to take it, it's the road to Ein-e-Tina. The spring is about 700m south, near the small forest.

What else to see:

Please consider a look at the map before you get lost:

Ein-e-Tina Map