Ein Kfira

This peaceful zone, full of sheep and fruit trees, is located just few minutes from the highway, and very close to Nataf, the village of Avrum Burg (Smolani, remember ?).

Near Nataf there are two springs. There is a spring called Ein Nataf, just by the first houses of the village, and there is another one, called Ein Kfira. This is the spring I want to tell you about. It is about 20 minutes from the road, and walking there brings you back in time to the primitive life of the shephards and sheep. No fear is felt (I hope nobody is listening up there...), and the water pipes out from the spring like it did thousands of years ago.

It seems that this waddi was one of the ways Yehudah Ha-Makabi managed to attack the Romans by surprise. When you're there, you understand why. It is a narrow canyon, with vegetation and hiding spots along it's waddi, and it really connects the mountains with the valley of Ayalon.

Near the spring there's a tomb of a Sheich, and it is now a small praying spot. From the bottom of the waddi, in that place, you can see the upper houses of Katna, which is a Palestinian Authority village.

Don't go there by yourself, but try not to be fearful...

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You can look at the spring's picture. On the background - the Makam (holy place):

Ein Kfira

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Enjoy it.