Gush Halav

Jeish is a Maronic Christian village in the north, maybe the only one in Israel (there are maronees in Haifa). In the times of the "Mishna", in the same place, stood a village called "Gush Halav". Gush Halav was one of the most important fortresses in the times of the big rebellion against the Romans. Joseph Ben Matityahu gave commanded to fortify Gush Halav, and the leader of Gush Halav, Yoh'anan (from Gush Halav), stood in the strong battle against the romans. In the end Gush Halav fell in the hands of the romans, as you surely remember, and Yohanan was taken to Rome.

There are important Jewish remains in the village's surroundings. There are two synagogues, one in the valley of Gush Halav, and one on top of the hill, and a mausoleum from the Roman period was discovered near one of the houses in the village. The big synagogue, from 300-400a.c. is located on the valley. You can see there the hearted columns, the entrances and altar, and the Aramic script saying this place was donated by Jose Ben Nahum. One of the most important spot concerning the Jewish life around, is the tumb of two Tana'im. Their tomb is in the entrance to the villge, to the left. In the valley there are some old mills which used the small quantity of water to move the large water-wheels and the cogwhells around. In the spring, like in all north, this place is green and blooming. But now is the time for the summer fruits - which grow now in the valley.

There are some springs in the valley, one of them 1/4 tzol. The most secret spot (it's really secret, don't tell anybody), is a big pool on the mountain to the north. On the map it's signed as a small period, near a place called Giv'at Halav. It's a 50m long pool, deep and dangerous. The problem you can't see it from anywhere.

Places to see around:

This trek was ordered by Dror, who asked to remain anonymous. His wish is my command ! Anyone else who wants to order some special spot will be welcomed. If you want any more details, I'll be happy to assist you in anything.


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Gush Halav & Bar'am Woods

There's a nice picture of three girls from my good old group of Haifa:

Gush Halav Pool