Ancient Lachish

Lachish was an ancient Knaanite city, and one of the greatest ones. We found in Tel Amarna some of the most interesting letters ever written in the ancient world. The writer is the king of Lachish in the times of Amenhotep III and IV, circa 1420 b.c. The site was first digged in the years 1932-1938, by a British group headed by G.L. Starky. He was brutally murdered in Hebron, on his way to Jerusalem. His greatest discovery was definitely the "Lachish Letters", found under the city gate.

King Solomon built the city from scratch. It seems that he started building the walls, and the temple known by the name "Acropolis Temple". In the late period of the United Kingdom of Israel, probably in the times of King Rehav'am, the city was rebuilt and reinforced with high walls and a strong fortress. This is probably the temple which rose the anger of Micha the prophet, who said: "...Lachish, first in sins to Zion, for in thee the crimes of Israel..." (Micha 1,13)

Many years later, Sanheriv, King of Assiria, came to this large city and set a siege on it. He thought he can conquer the area in two days but he got stuck in Lachish for three years !!! That is why in the British Museum we can see today a complete room from Sanheriv's palace in Ninve, the large city, filled with beautiful carvings describing the conquest of Lachish. That happened in the year 701 b.c, and Sanheriv sent his army to Jerusalem, but all he could write in the books was that he managed " catch Hizkeyah like a bird in it's cage..." But he couldn't get him, although he tried very hard !! We know that the King of Judea prepared himself very well to the war. He digged the Shiloah Tunnel, he erected new fortresses and fortified the old ones.

Where to read more: Aharoni, Yohanan, "Roads and Places" (Drachim ve-Atarim) ha-Kibbutz ha-Meu'had,1971. New Encyclopedia of Archeology in Israel. Carta, Jerusalem. The Bible is recommended for all ages...

How to get there: Well, for a start, you've got to be in Israel...
So I'm sorry for all those who are not...
Drive from Tel-Aviv south to Kiryat-Gat, and turn
on the northern junction to the east, in Beit-Guvrin's direction.
You will see after a 5 min. drive the turn to Lachish, and 3 min.
later you will see the hill of Lachish.

Hope you will enjoy it. It's very much deserted and not well kept, but this is my small effort in this battle...

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