MAZOR Mausoleum

2500 years ago, in the greek city of Helliocarnasus, south-west Turkey, there was a king, Mausolos II. He was not a great king, but was not neglectible either. He enlarged his city, and built a nice port fot ships. Like all kings, this one also had a wife, Artemisia II. But, and this is a big "but", she loved him !! After he died she though he deserves a big tomb. Artemisia II hired the best architects to built an enormous tomb, with piramides, a carriage and horses, and a long line of columns.  In the ancient world this was one of the great seven miracles. From that day on, every big tomb was called after the tomb of Mausolos: Mausoleum.

We also have a Mausoleum in Israel: MAZOR. It's a two floor building, standing almost as a whole since the Roman period. In the Arab period it was considered the tomb of "Nebi Yichya", and therefore it was well conserved through the years. No one knows who was the great man who deserved such a big tomb. But the fact is that the excavations found remains of coffins. In the courtyard there are two or three water sources.

How to get there:

Well, thet's the easy part. You can get there either from Rosh Ha'ain, or from Ben-Shemen. The Mausoleum is just in the middle of the road.

By the way, the new planned road KVISH HOTZE ISRAEL is planned to cut this spot of it's peaceful surroundings. Some of you insisted that I remind that...

Please have a look at the picture:

Mazor mausoleum

Have a nice time.