PIRIM at Aviel & Amikam

In the near North, just by Hadera & Zichron-Yaacov, there's a special site of interest. It's a huge underground system of tunnels conducting water from the Menashe mountains to the capital of the Roman Empire in Israel: Cesarea.

The system is dozens of kilometers long, and includes underground reservoirs and tunnels, vertical shafts (PIRIM), springs, wells, open aquaducts, large pools and long bridges. One of these bridges can be seen from TLV-Haifa road near Gisser-a-Zarka.

The system was discovered some years ago by the Youth Groups of the Nature Preservation Association (HEVRA LEHAGANAT HATEVA).

What is there to see ? The most enjoyable experiences are the tunnels. You can take your kids with you, minimum height for the kid is ~120cm.

There are 3 sites:

How to get there:

Look at the map: North Hadera Map

I will explain how to get to the second site: Between Aviel & A'mikam, near the road, to the north, there's a modern system of decks, right by the antique one. There you will find holes in the white side of the hill. You may enter the second one and get out of the fourth or fifth one.

A little closer to A'mikam, there's a place (pub? bar? donkey center?) called Ukafim Lohatim. 20m before that there are two PIRIM, and you may get in with all your family and enjoy.

This is specially fit for kids who want excitement...