Shomron - Sebastei

On the road between Shkem and Genin lay the remains of the ancient city of Samaria, Capital of Israeli Kingsom of Omri and Ahav. The Bible tells us about Omri:

"...And he bought the mountain Shomron from Shemer for two silver Kikars, and he built the mountain, and he called the city he built on the name of Shemer the lord of the mountain: Shomron."
(Kings A,16,24)

Why here ? It seems that Omri chose a neutral city, just like David chose for his Kingdom. Shomron didn't have any traditions attached, and for this reason all teh northern tribes would be united with this capital. It wouldn't replace the traditional places of worship, only the economical, legislative and political center of the Kingdom.The great kings of Israel - Omri, Ahav, and Yerovam II, Shomron has become a large city with an impressive citadell and a beautiful palace. This palace is what the prophets called "House of Shen". This was a great mistery until the recent excavations, which revealed some small but precious articles of Shenhav - tusk. These articles, mainly women adornaments, reveal the prophets call for modesty and give us a hint about the social problems of Shomron and their kings.
The city stood many times in siege (Matzor), and most of them successfully, against Aram and Ashur. It's walls were high and thick, and the palaces were full of supply.
In the city gate sat the city court, which helped King Ahav to go with Yehoshafat King of Judea to war against Aram. But in this battle Ahav was killed, and his blood was spread all over the city by Shomron's pool, and the dogs licked it, and the whores washed in it, if you remember... (Kings A, 22).
Next time I will tell you about the Roman city of Herodes in Samaria called Sabastei, and about the Columns Road, the Stadium, amphitheatre, Forum and Basilica.

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