Stella Maris

Many of you have probably been to Stella Maris in Haifa. It's a small church, with a quiet monastery aside. It has on it's ceiling some drawings of Bible stories concerning Moses, Jesus, and Eliah the prophet. He's really the one that made this place

famous, in the wonderful story of winning the 400 Ba'al prophets, Aha'v and Isevel. 
The christians believe that the clouds he saw coming from the sea 
are the "holy family". 

Nevertheless, there are one or two more things to see, that people usually don't.
To the north of the monastery, there's a path of china drawings, 
describing Jesus's Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. It has a wonderful view of Haifa,
A'cko, the bay, and in a bright day - Rosh Ha-Nikra.
On Satudays it has an important use - a good spot for following the soccer games
in Kiryat Eliezer Stadium...

If you are polite enough, and the monk is in a good mood, you can have the keys of 
Prosperos's ancient church-cave, just under the light-tower (MIGDALOR),
which is a military base now, and has a long story itself:
it was built as a church, was evacuated from the monks,
and was Ibrahim Pasha's villa. The British made it a naval base,
and it was bombed before the Independence War.

Prosperos capella is small, but if you know the history of the place,
start searching for skelletons !! The monks came here on the crusaders time,
headed by Prosperos the monk, and didn't survive the hunger and deseases, 
but the few who did lived, were butchered by the muslems.

There is a nice view of the bay and all, and you can descend from here directly
to Elias's Cave, which is a holy place for 4 (four!) religions:
Muslems, Druze, Christians, and Jews. There is a nice explanation
of why it's sacred for each and everyone of them.
Go there and read it. 
Please look at the view from Stella Maris. 
View from Stella Maris.

How to get there ?
	Go to Haifa. After touching the mountain on your right,
	turn right. On the mountain side lies Elias' Cave.
	If you climb on the path, which is nice itself, you'll get to 
	Stella Maris. The path to the curch-cave is half way down to the 
	sky-train (RAKEVEL).

What else to see:
	The German Colony in Haifa, Sir Oliphant's House,
	Bat-Galim Beach, the Casino, and Chicks...
	Bahai Temple and Gardens.
	Shikmona Archeological Site.
	Castra - Bisantine mosaics and churches (excavations 
		near Cable T.V, southern entrance to Haifa)
	Waddi Sia'h - Ruins of the old church.
	Gore'l Balls - RAKEVEL...