Wallagge Springs (Ein-El-Balad)

This is a quiet valley on the south of Jerusalem Mountains, with 3 nice springs, one of them big enough to bath (1m deep).

On the way from Jerusalem to Ein-Kerem Hospital, turn left in ORA Junction. This road takes you to YAD KENNEDY. On the third wadi, diverge a small road left. Along this wadi there are 3 springs:

Special: on friday afternoon you can see some of the AVRECHIM of Jerusalem, who come to springs like the last one to fulfil the TVILA for Shabat.

Don't forget: water, light for the caves, food, and a bathing suit.

Beautiful places around:

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The Following map describes the springs. They are on the lower part of the map, in the middle, and are called "Ein El-Balad".

West Jerusalem Springs

You may look at a picture of the lower spring, Ein El-Balad:

Ein El-Balad