Zohar Waddi and a "Limes" Fortress

In the south of Judea Desert, near the Dead Sea, there's a small waddi, with a small but deep canyon, and a Fortress Hill. The Fortress seem to be from the Roman period, and most of the remains are from the third century a.c, meaning from the times of the Cesar Diokletianus. This means that the Zohar Fortress was part of the famous Limes (=limit) fortresses, which formed a line in the Negev and in Judea Desert. Nevertheless, this fortress brings up a question: It is not the southern fortress, nor in a controlling place like all others. Why then, was it built ? The Answer seem to be the near by lake: The Dead Sea. It seems that there were lots of smuglers of salt, which was considered a very precious spice. Without salt, the meat wouldn't last, and the fishes would stink... Possibly the Fortress was built to catch smuglers, or to frighten them. Near by there's a little dam, with fresh water, staying till mid summer. I can't promise anything, but whoever climbs up the hill, will see it in the north-west. Just be carefull not to fall from the steep hill. It is very dangerous !! Enjoy it.

Please look at the picture:

Zohar Picture

And look at the map:

Zohar Area Map