Kerem Maharal

On the south part of the Carmel, in a valley beween the woods, stands a castle, in the middle of a small village named - Kerem Maharal.

The name of the village is after the famous Rabbi Leib Liwa, so called Maharal, from Chekoslovachia. He's one of the heroes of Kabbala, for being able to form a creature: "The Golem from Prague". When the immigrants from there came to Israel, they called their village after their heroe.

In the center of the village stands this castle, erected by a Rich, Cruel, and Large Arab family called El-Mahdi. They continued to fight Israel after the 1948 war, and were bombarded by the baby IDF, born only days before. They escaped a night before the last final attack, and therefore were saved.The story is long, and you're welcome to read what Sefi Ben-Yoseph has written about this place (at my cubic).

Today in the castle lives a rather weird family, who kames money from the visitors, apart from being a luxury furniture shop. Near the castle there's a mosque.

How to get there:

On the old road to Haifa, one junction northern to Furidis, turn east to Kerem Maharal & Makura.

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Kerem Maharal Castle

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