Upper Kziv

Now is the time to head north, and see all the beautiful flowers and smells of the Meron. The zone I'm talking about is limited between four roads: Acko-Tzfat, Karmie'l-Amia'd, Meron road, and Rama-Ma'alot. Specifically I'm talking about the zone between the three beautiful Druze villages: Bet-Jan, Pki'in, and Hurfeish.

I'll propose several treks, some more difficult than the others.

  1. The easy trek, about 3km long, starts from Hurfeish, from the east of the village. From here (leave the car near by) walk in the black signed trail, and meet the green signed trail, which follows Nahal Kziv. From here walk in the Kziv, and enjoy the beautiful flowers. It's about 1.5km till Ein-Hotam, and there you can rest, drink water from the little pool, and enter the water... To return to the car, just walk north about 1km, to the direction of Hurfeish. Please look at the map before doing something foolish...

  2. The more difficult trek is to continue from Ein-Hotam about 4km in the Kziv, till the road meets the waddi. That involves another car, waiting in that specific point. Again-please look at the map...

  3. A much more challenged trek is to climb Zvul Mt, named after our Zvulun, which was one of the Druze prophet. After Ein-Hotam walk down the waddi for about 1km, and then climb north in the black signed trek. Great !!! You can get there by car, also. The view from up there is wonderful.

Where to eat:

What else to see:

So enjoy yourself, and have a nice time.

Please look at the map, before going somewhere...

Bet-Jan Map

Please look at the picture

Kziv Picture