Nahal Tavor

In these days the Tavor is a real river !! After the winter and the rain, it's amazing to see the huge amounts of water running down the Canyon.

Don't hesitate, and even if you're a pro' in hiking - there's nothing like Nahal Tavor after the rain !

Nahal Tavor takes it's wates from northern Ramot Issachar, and from eastern Emek Izre'el. Like in the stories of Barak Ben-Avinoam and Dvora the Prophet, the river can overflow on huge areas, thus creating quite a damage. The intensity of the stream can be viewed these days, and the rest is left for the summer as a testimony: trees stuck in higher shelves on the canyon, big rocks falling from the hillside, etc. Some years ago the bridge near Kibbutz Gesher fell down because of the stream...

In the middle of the valley, near the entrance to the canyon, an interesting archeological site can be viewed. This is Tel Rehesh, an ancient city, considered one of the most powerful cities in the times of Pharaon Thotimes III, 1200 bc. He used to go for summer conquering every year, and this city, then named Anharat, always gave him a good fight !!!

Not much was left for us to see, but what was left was digged and kept in Ein Dor.

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Tavor Canyon