The Zavitan is one of the most known "rivers" in the Golan. It is situated in a large nature reserve, Yahudiya. It contains three nice waterfalls, and many more cascades. The Zavitan is divided into three parts: Upper - from the road near Katzrin till the first waterfall, Middle - from there, through the Black Canyon, to the black waterfall, and Lower, from there to the meeting with Meshushim.

It's name comes from the turn it makes in one of the places. The river goes west, and suddenly turns south for 2km, and then turns west again. This seems to be because of the times of the great volcanic eruptions in the Golan Heights.

I want to tell you about some of the less known places. Between the two waterfalls there are very beautiful pools, and you can bath with no fear of hygiene: if the fishes and crabs can, we can also...

There are pools with hexagons, like in Meshushim pool, but these places wre more remote, and therefore not known. The hexagons are the common figure here, because they are one of the forms in which the Lava turns into during the volcanic eruptions. Consider also the nice poll near the spring Ein Nataf, which is a travertin (mud and vegetation) dripping water all the time. It is really a rare site.

The most hidden place os of course the Black Canyon. It is impossible to go through it without rope, and therefore it's isolated, and contains nice spots and water pools. Very recommended. Don't try it by alone...

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