One of the most famous battles in the times of Josephus Phlavius, which is, by the way, the first and last of his battles. That is the reason why this battle has earned a long and vivid description in his book - "Milhamot Hayehudim".

Aspasianus was one of the most famous military commanders of the Romans, and with his son Titus, came here to put an end to the rebellion of the Jews.

His military movement began in the year 66, and ended in the year 67. In this voyage many jewish villages and towns were destroyed and conquered, and the two most important fortresses at the time were also demolished: Yodfat and Yafi'a.

It has been only about six months since Joseph Ben-Matityahu has been posted to be the military commander of the Galilee, and the truth is that he didn't have much experience. As a kid grown up in Rome, he knew some of the theory of the Romans, but he had never practice that on the field...

Aspasianus intended to conquer the whole Galilee, and it was then natural that he would come to Yodfat, since that would give him a continuous Roman Territory between Acre and the Tiberia Region. Yodfat also had a good seight of the way conducting from Acre to the Jewish center in the Galilee.

Yodfat was one of the most cruel and heavy battles in the Roman period in Israel. After the conquest Aspasianus didn't continue with his plans to conquer the whole Galilee, instead he ordered to rest for a long period of time in Tiberias and Bet She'an.

Yodfat stood for over a month against the fierce attacks of the Roman army. The three legions, consisting of 160 war machines and thousands of soldiers - cavallery and infantry, fought more than a month to break down the walls of the fortress.

It was a traitor, captured by Aspasianus, who revealed the fact that the soldiers on the wall fall asleep exshausted in the hours before sunrize. Many of Joseph's soldiers jumped to their death or fell on their swords, but 40 of Yodfat people escaped to a cave. In the cave, they decided to commit suicide. They killed one another, and one of the two remaining men was Joseph Ben-Matityahu...

We'll never know exactly what happenned there, because he's the one telling the story. Nevertheless, it's worth to go and look the the place.

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The monkey park of Yodfat, which, as far as I know, has monkeys which were captured in the airports and custom of Haifa and Ashdod ports.