Mirabel - Afek Tower

The Tower of Afek - Mirabel, near the town of Rosh Ha'ain, is a well seen spot, with an unknown history to most of us. Don't be confused with the famous Fortress of Antipatrus. Mirabel is on a hill, in the southern edge of Rosh Ha'ain.

The tower was built in the beginning of the 12th century, garding the road Lod-Cesarea which has it's bottleneck around here, between the Yarkon springs, and the Shomron Mountains. Mirabel was a feudal area, belonging to the Seniores of Ramla, the D'Iblin Family, which were the land lords of Yavne, Ramla and Beit-She'an. This place used to be a Regional Burgeon Justice Court.

In 1152 there was a debate between the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin III, and his mother Melisanda, on Jerusalem. The commandant of Melisanda's army, Menase de-Yerse, fortified himself in Mirabel. Baldwin III surrounded the fortress, seiged and conquered it.

In 1187 the fortress was conquered by the Muslems. After they lost in the Arsuf battle (1191), Salah-A-Din ordered to destroy the fortress. It seems it was not built again by the Crusaders.

Now adays it's one of the favorite places for drugs and acid parties, but I think this is the time for a change!!

Travell and hike, my green soldiers, and revive this forgotten place!!!

You may see the picture (be pacient), but even more - visit Mirabel.

Mirabel - Afek Tower

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