Nahal Arugot

Perfect for these cold winter mornings: a visit to the Arugot Waddi. One of the most famous places in the desert, a large oasis near Kibbutz Ein Geddi. The Nature Reserve is open to the public except for the upper part of the waddi, which is closed for the rehabilitation of the nature - leopards, gazelles, foxes and so on. My suggestion is to walk all the way till the end of the open reserve. This is where the most beautiful spots are. There are several pools in the upper part of the waddi, the Upper Pools. There you will also find a little warm spring, too.

If you want some more excitemant, and you have extra water, go to a fascinating place: Mahras-Dalal. First you will have to climb the mountain. From there you will have a spectacular view of the Arugot. About 3 km upstream there are some more pools. Like in every desert, springs are even more fun in a hot day...

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Upper pools Nahal Arugot

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Arugot Map

Yours, Haggai.