Ein Divsha

Ein Divsha, or more known Tahunat-a-Darbashiya, is a lovely spring, with fresh cool water, a water mill, and lot of green around.

First of all you might want to look at the picture. Well, here it is:

Ein Divsha Picture

How to get there: that's easy. About a 1km north to Ein-Notera (Ein-e-Tina), you will see a small parking, and a cattle fence. Nearby you will see the water coming out of the bushes like in Africa. Try to enter inside the bushes and walk in the water till you reach the water mill. The water mill itself is called "Tahuna" (meaning Tahana), and the name "Darbashiya" was understood as Divsha. The mill once functioned. Last year there was a student from Gonen, who as a project from highschool erected the mill, and made it function. Now we can only see the water streaming down the mill, and no wheels turning around.

I sure hope you'll find this place, and I friendly recommend you to buy a 1:50000 map of Ori Dvir's maps.

Please look at the map of the area. Ein Divsha is about 1000m north to Ein Notera:

Gilabun Map

Things to see around:

Have a nice time, and enjoy the summer.